Apr. 12, 2007

The Shock of Recognition

My son was watching 30 Rock earlier this evening and something caught my eye. We "rewound" the TV (thank you, PVR) and watched the clip again. It was me! The footage was the "running in the rain" stuff I did for the University of Phoenix back in December. I thought it had been and gone, unseen.

My Dad appears to be stable after his stroke, which has affected the right side of his body (left side of his brain) causing at least partial paralysis and aphasia. My brother is out there now and reports that Dad is pretty demoralised and has been refusing to eat. I think I'll fly out early next week and spend a few days with him.

So what else is happening in the world? Apple announced today that their next big version of Mac OS X (version 10.5, a.k.a. Leopard) will not ship in June. Because of the simultaneous development of the much-anticipated iPhone Apple is pushing back the release of Leopard to October. This has caused a great wailing in the blogosphere and expressions of hatred of and resentment toward the iPhone from certain quarters... I can understand Apple's position though. Both the iPhone and the just-released Apple TV are running specialised versions of Mac OS X, which is actually a technical strength, but the three projects have been placing a strain on largely the same development teams. A cell phone that doesn't work reliably would be a disaster, so getting the iPhone completed and out on time has to take precedence. Too bad though, I've been itching to get my hands on Leopard.

Belinda Stronach announced today that she's leaving politics to return to an executive position at Magna, her father's corporation. She certainly stirred things up in her time, running for the Conservative leadership before even being elected and then switching to the Liberals, but I guess the nay-sayers will be saying "told you so."

Last item today was an errand with my friend Brian's wife. She asked me to come with her to Costco to help her buy and bring home a "fancy tool chest" for Brian's 50th birthday. Apparently Brian has been admiring this particular tool chest for years. I couldn't believe it when I saw it though. It's five feet tall with wheels and weights 400 lbs! Huge. People could live in it. I stood there stunned for a minute before I could grasp the fact that she thought the two of us could maneuver this thing into the back of a little Volvo station wagon, get it into their house and then get it down a spiral staircase into their basement... This thing was strapped to a pallet. Oy!

And that's the day that was.

Listening to: Living on Video by Trans-X from Living on Video.