Nov. 30, 2006

Suffering for my Art

This post is being written while cupping a warm bowl of soup, so please forgive the splashes...

Today was my day on set for the University of Phoenix shoot. My role was "runner", and my wardrobe was old-school cotton sweats. On the drive down to the location it was raining pretty steadily so I was worried it was going to be a cold, wet morning. Fortunately the rain stopped by the time I got to wardrobe. Unfortunately they weren't ready for my scene for two hours, by which time it was raining pretty hard again. Did I mention that it was 5 degrees outside, with a stiff breeze? Well, it was... That's about 40 degrees for my American readers.

Of course the director loved it, because it helped "tell the story." He actually sent me out running in the rain about fifteen minutes before they began filming so I could be suitably soggy! In the end I spent about two hours running back and forth in the blowing rain, so at least I got my day's exercise out of the way.

The D.O.P. was a triathlete, so we had a nice chat during one of the breaks about racing. He's going to Wildflower with some buddies next year. Wildflower is a unique mix of camping and endurance racing that seems to be legendary in triathlon circles, so it should be a great experience.

Last night I went to an Apple seminar on Aperture, their professional photo management and editing software, with my friend Adrian. The guest speaker was Pulitzer Prize winner Bill Frakes, who talked us through an amazing sample of his photographs. When he covers an event for Sports Illustrated he takes thirty LARGE cases of equipment and often has 20 Gigabytes of images to catalog. Great stuff, but we didn't learn much about how to use Aperture. Oh well.

Listening to: Walking in the Rain by Flash and the Pan from Flash and the Pan. Not available on the iTunes store, so here's a link to Grace Jones' cover version.

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