Nov. 23, 2006


My visiting father and I took Chris to his group squash lesson this afternoon to watch and chat. One of the other fathers was also there and he looked familiar. In the course of a slightly probing conversation I realised he was the Canadian film director, Atom Egoyan. What an opportunity for me, a rising acting talent!

Not. I am not an actor. I am not an actor... I didn't even mention my situation. My father, who is a documentary filmmaker, did chat about his work though. Atom and I actually have a previous connection through our sons, who were whacking at squash balls below us. About ten years ago we took our three year-old sons to the same "Introduction to Music" classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music. We chatted a bit then. Atom's son Arshile has kept up with music, apparently playing violin quite well. Both our boys played a few years of hockey but gave it up, much to the disappointment of their fathers.

Listening to: Oh Me, Oh My by Imogen Heap from I Megaphone.

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