Nov. 22, 2006

Still here...

Just a quick note before I totter off to bed... It seems that life has quietly got busy for me over the last week. Lots of casting calls to suffer through, preparations to complete ahead of the arrival of my father for a visit (he's here now), helping my photographer friend out pretty much ever other day and going for real job interviews have kept me tired and distracted.

Things are getting back to normal though, so expect some catch-up posts over the next few days.

One thing I have to share though: I got cast again, this time for a commercial being shot next week for the University of Phoenix. I'll make enough to cover a whole month's living expenses! Sadly, the shoot will be here in Toronto. It would have been fun to surprise my Phoenix blogging friend Mary. I could have also gone for for a nice warm-weather run instead of having to worry about chafed nipples...

Listening to: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face by Coldplay from A Rush Of Blood To The Head.


  1. Too funny, Ben. I'm working on this project internally for University of Phoenix. Nice to meet you! Can't wait to see how the whole ad shakes out -- we've been working on this concept for YEARS it seems. Nice to put a face to the folks up north who are going to make it work. Sorry about the nipples. I can totally relate. :)

    Pete Wright
    Dir, New Media
    University of Phoenix | Apollo Group, Inc

  2. Ah, the power of Google! Hope we do a good job for you, Peter. It may have taken years to get to this stage, but I think production will only take a few weeks given the rate at which casting and filming is progressing. I will be "early morning runner".

    Regarding nipples, I saw a product designed to protect them; ten sets of little stick-on foam rings for $20! I've chosen to wear a snug (and re-usable) shirt beneath in order to keep the friction between the layers instead of against the skin...