Nov. 12, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

Tonight was the Toronto Triathlon Club Annual Meeting and Dinner and also the "premier" of my TTC slide show DVD. I'd made a few changes to the DVD since I passed on a copy, but I forgot to burn it! I started the encoding way too late and ended up leaving the still-incomplete new version in my Mac's disc drive and racing off to the dinner, which had started 30 minutes earlier.

En route I got a call from Annette wondering where I was. I explained my delay and made sure that the slightly older version of the DVD was already there. I arrived a few minutes later to a great turnout of about 35 members. Soon it became clear why Annette had been tracking me down. I was the surprise recipient of a newly-created Member of the Year award, with a plaque and everything! The DVD was well received too, even though it lacked my finishing touches.

It was nice to catch up with all the active club members and enjoy another buffet. That's two straight days of all-you-can-eat buffet's. Stop me before I eat again!

I watched Garden State on TV last night. It has been sitting on my PVR for almost a year. It's a quirky little film about people muddling through life, with some very funny moments. I got a really belly laugh out of two sight gags: the neurologist's wall of certificates, with one actually on the ceiling, and the overflowing backyard "pet cemetery". Make that three: Zack wearing the shirt his aunt made from leftover drapery, in front of said drapes. Of course my crush on Natalie Portman was re-confirmed. No surprise to me that her character had a positive effect on Zach Braff's. Garden State stood in stark contrast with Mission Impossible III, which I watched with Chris the night before on The Movie Network. One film has character development, the other... doesn't. Ditto with emotional connection.

Listening to: Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter from Short Bus.

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