Apr. 14, 2007

Running with the Stars

Lisa Bentley and IWell, running beside the stars... I spent the morning out in Caledon Village at a running clinic being held by repeat Ironman winner and local resident Lisa Bentley. The clinic was a fund-raiser for a local swim team. Lisa is recovering from a heel injury so after an enlightening discussion she offered technical advice from her mountain bike while her husband Dave served as demonstrator. She's very friendly and down-to-earth and had lots of great insights to offer. I've got some good drills now for improving my stride and I'm finally going to start adding interval work to my running.

Wilderness at bayCaledon Village is right on the northwest edge of Toronto's continuing expansion. It was nice to get out into open land and enjoy the rolling countryside. With the snow gone but no leaves yet on the trees my eyes kept being drawn into the landscape of the hills and valleys. It was sad to see the encroaching development though. The sound barrier wall shown here completely blocked the view out of this subdivision. I presume this two lane road is slated to be expanded into a busy highway, probably bounded by an equally depressing wall on the other side. Bleah.

Chris spent this time logged into World of Warcraft. Good times, good times.

Listening to: Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows from Hard Candy.

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