Apr. 10, 2007

Poor Sledding

There's an old "Canadian" joke that we have two seasons; winter and poor sledding. Or in the city; winter and construction.

Today was a day of poor sledding.

Most of the day was spent helping my photographer friend on a health club photo shoot. We had to lug backdrops, piles of tripods and other stuff up the the 36th floor of an office tower. Lots of set ups and different models on the shoot. I also got lots of calls during the day; friends wanting Mac advice, a consulting client, a call from my agent telling me I have a call-back for a TV commercial (yeah!). I did have one cool experience - one of our models was Tara Norton, one of Canada's top triathletes. We talked shop for a bit and she helped me make some race decisions for this season.

The toughest part came at the end. My brother called and I prepared myself for another bout of arms-length tech support. Not this time. My father, who divides his time between Perth, Australia and Regina, Saskatchewan these days has just had a stroke. He's resting in hospital, but currently is partly paralyzed and can't speak. Luckily he's in Regina with friends. This will obviously be a developing situation. I feel like I'm suddenly standing in quicksand...

Listening to: Have You Got It In You? by Imogen Heap from Speak for Yourself.