Dec. 8, 2008

Damn You, Tube!

I created a DVD slideshow last month for my triathlon club's end-of-season dinner. Thinking it would be nice to post it online for everyone else to see I tried to convert the iDVD project into a movie file. This turned out to be not too easy as it's kind of the reverse of the normal creation process. I actually ended up having to "play" the DVD with video capture software (Snapz Pro X) making a movie from the screen! Next year I'll start in iMovie and then finish it in iDVD...

The issues didn't stop there though. I had a 21 minute video that was about 160 MB in size. Big. I logged into YouTube and uploaded it, but it turns out that YouTube has a 10 minute limit on video length so not even I could play it. I didn't want to have to do too much chopping and soundtrack fiddling to get it uploaded, so I put it on facebook instead where the limits are 20 minutes and 1024 MB. I did a bit of fiddling, added some title page-type stuff, and got the whole thing down to 19:19 and about 134 MB.

I guess facebook will get the pageviews and ad hits instead of YouTube.

And here it is, squished a bit to fit into the Blogger frames, for your viewing pleasure! Click on it to see a full-size version.

Listening to: I Feel It All by Feist from The Reminder.

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