Dec. 18, 2008

Some Real News for a Change

My son stayed over at a classmate's last weekend for a birthday party. On the following Sunday morning they walked across the road to run around in a junior school playground to slide about on the ice and kick chunks of snow at each other. Some teenagers approached them there, pulled out a knife and robbed them of cash, cell phones and iPods!

Chris didn't lose anything and wasn't harmed, he actually seems pretty unaffected by it. He happily took the subway back from the Royal Ontario Museum that evening with a friend.

Toronto has historically been called, often disparagingly, "Toronto the Good". In the last ten years this has been displaced by media hysteria over violent crime, but Toronto is still one of Canada's safer cities and dramatically safer than most American cities. Still, crimes happen and sometimes very close to home...

I discovered a few days ago that the music video I was in has been released and the song, 21st Century Christmas, is on a country music Christmas compilation. It's probably getting airplay on country music stations and on country music video shows. Here's how you can see and/or hear it:

  • Jaydee Bixby's single on iTunes.
  • The country music Christmas compilation Christmas On The Open Road on iTunes.
  • The video, "featuring" me, on YouTube.

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