Sep. 23, 2008

Nothing Like a New Wife to Cheer Me Up

The "Wives" Chat, with an AudienceI was on a tourism photo shoot yesterday at the exclusive Langdon Hall Country House and Spa; three couples enjoying a "getaway weekend together". This is the third tourism shoot I've done, the first was in Prince Edward County and the second in Niagara-on-the-Lake. For the first two I was paired up with a model named Ruth. However she seems to have been unavailable this time, so I had a new "wife" named Jacqueline. These shoots are good fun. Very relaxed, always a pleasant gourmet experience. I've been at Langdon Hall before, for the wedding of Sheryl's daughter. A highly recommended spot...

A funny thing happened when I arrived. As I was parking I saw a car that looked familiar. I set the thought aside though and made my way into our set-up room. Twenty minutes later, as I was telling the other models that I'd stayed at Langdon Hall before and was showing them a few of the wedding photos I had put on my iPhone, I got a call. It was Sheryl's daughter Tamara, so I immediately asked her to guess where I was. It turns out she was also back at Langdon Hall! She and her husband Dan were packing up to return to the city after a real weekend away. He had looked out their window and had been startled to see me crossing the lawn. Tamara didn't believe him and called me to find out where I was.

Art, as always, imitates life. A few weeks ago Sheryl told me that she wanted to stop dating. She had been recently complaining about my sports, been critical of my son, and had wondered aloud if I wouldn't be better off with a "sportier" girlfriend. Maybe she's right, although the days seem emptier without her... We've stayed on friendly terms.

Interviews are now available for qualified candidates!

Listening to: Touch to Remember by Jean Michel Jarre from Téo & Téa.

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