Aug. 20, 2005

Happy Nights

So picking up the story, after our cottage trip Chris joined his mother for his birthday and I headed over to Sheryl's to help with the final preparations for her daughter's wedding that evening. After the success of my playlist at Sheryl's barbecue I had been tapped to pull together some background music for the wedding ceremony and dinner. Between my triathlon and the trip to the cabin I only had about 90 minutes to get it organised. I'd been stressing out over it, but managed to get something nice together in a very short period of time. Mostly Stevie Wonder and Pink Martini, with a bit of Michael Buble thrown in. Hey, I said it was a rush! The requested procession music was the first movement of Bach's Italian Concerto from the Talented Mr. Ripley soundtrack.

Then we all piled into two cars. The total wedding attendance was just ten, with friends and family invited to several larger parties on following days. We drove out to Langdon Hall with 'the boys' heading off first to wander the grounds while 'the girls' visited a makeup artist. This resulted in them following us about two hours later and being in the thick of a storm that today's paper described as being "of biblical proportions." There were several small tornadoes, torrential downpours, hail, etc. The girls drove through black skies and pounding rain with literal warnings on the radio to "seek shelter now." Very frightening for them, but we only saw a few cloud bursts.

Langdon Hall is an amazing country estate built over a century ago for the Astor family located about an hour west of Toronto in the Cambridge area. It operates now as a hotel and spa. Top-drawer. Once we all reconnected we spent an hour shooting photos on the grounds and then went into the main building for a very intimate wedding ceremony in a sun room. Dinner followed in the adjacent room. Sheryl looked lovely in a pale purple beaded dress, while her daughter the bride was absolutely beautiful in a short white wedding dress. The bride's four-year old son from her unfortunate first marriage was generally well behaved, but a bit impatient during the ceremony. He made up for it with a very touching speech I elicited from him at dinner.

I took a tonne of photos until my camera began acting up ("memory card error"). One of the other guests is a professional fashion photographer, so my efforts were more for candids and as a backup to him. As soon as I get the camera sorted out I'll post a few photos here. They're going to be great!

Chris is again with me and snuggled in his bed. Time for me to catch as many winks as possible as Sunday brings both the first of two celebrations of the wedding and a Formula One race in Turkey. 'Night everyone...

Listening to: Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder from Songs in the Key of Life.

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