Aug. 20, 2005

Quiet Nights (Not)

Thanks for everyone's kind words about my triathlon. I've got my official finish line photo now, which includes my 79 year-old nemesis. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. It's been a busy week since the race and I've been away most of it, so this will be a two-part update.

After the race I drove back to Toronto with Sheryl. To be accurate, Sheryl drove and I slept in the passenger seat. I needed it! I picked up Chris that evening, turned right around and drove right back to Cobourg. My parents wanted to head up to our cabin for a few days and it made sense for us to go together. We left Monday morning and got in to the cabin about 4:00 PM. The cabin is an expanded log fishing camp cabin. No regular electricity, and a thirty minute boat trip across Lake Nippising. Very quiet, very restful. It was great to be there, and Chris was great company.

It was also great to enjoy the amazing weather that lasted our entire three day stay. Excellent fishing, swimming and canoeing, I like to end days at the cabin with some stargazing. We had clear nights but a full moon so although it was beautiful I wasn't able to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower the way I would have liked. It was still a nice way to end the day, especially after a good camp fire. (As always the pressure was on to defend my title: "One-Match Lawson".)

So why not quiet nights? Chris and I shared the loft with my parents. and they snore so loudly you would be laughed out of Hollywood for such unrealistic sound effects! My God. A small price to pay for such a pleasant time together though.

Listening to: Today by Smashing Pumpkins from Siamese Dream.


  1. Beutiful pictures, except maybe the angish on your face at the finish.

  2. 79 year old

    Love the shots and congrats on finishing!