Jun. 21, 2008

D's. Whoo hoo!

So my son's Grade 9 exams are over and he has his "preliminary final" marks for all his courses. He went into exams with five failing subjects out of seven, but he managed to pull himself together enough to get to a passing grade in all of them! Who knew I'd be celebrating my gifted-program son not failing? Well there you go.

In other news, I finally watched the Canadian Grand Prix on Monday, eight days after the race. I'd managed to remain completely ignorant of the result until the following Saturday when a friend let some details slip before I could plug my ears. What an interesting race! Drivers complaining about the track surface, last minute track repairs, spin outs galore and race-changing drivers errors...

Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) and Robert Kubica (BMW) were duking it out with Lewis having a reasonable gap at the front, but crashes that brought out the safety car bunched them back up. They all pitted together but Kimi and Kubica, who had quicker pit stops, were lined up at the pit lane exit waiting for a stoplight to let them back onto the track. Lewis Hamilton didn't notice them and plowed into the back of Kimi, ending both of their races. Kubica avoided damage and went on to win his and BMW's first race. His teammate Nick Heidfeld was second, making for a perfect race for BMW, while David Coulthard made an appearance on the podium for Red Bull. There were some great passing moves, particularly by Felipe Massa, through out the field. That's the upside of an unpredictably slippery track. Kubica is now narrowly in the lead of the driver's championship, with Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen close behind. Its great to have such a competitive season.

This week was another Ontario Tourism photo shoot, this time with "my wife" and another couple. We spent three days "shopping", dining, wine tasting and playing golf, all for the camera, down in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ironically Sheryl and I were there just a month ago, but we weren't paid for doing it. I didn't know who else had been cast, but my "wife" turned out to be the same woman from the last shoot and the other wife was a friend from The Shopping Channel.

Turning to my crazy "nine weeks to Ironman Canada" training program, this morning I rode out of the city at 7:00 AM for a three and a half hour ride, where I encountered all kinds of triathlon club teammates out for their rides. This was followed immediately by a 48 minute "brick" run and then a long nap...

Earlier this evening Chris and I went with Sheryl to see Mike Meyers' new comedy The Love Guru. A friend of Sheryl's was on the production team and there were tonnes of Toronto locations. A paper-thin plot with lots of crude juvenile humour, but a few guilty chuckles. Not much more to say about it...

Listening to: Return to Innocence by Enigma from Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits.

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