Jul. 31, 2008

A Boy and his Bike (redux)

Bike OrphanageLast year during the Toronto International Film Festival my street bike was stolen. A week ago the Toronto Police made a big bust, uncovering a stash of over 3,000 stolen bikes at a local "bike dealer". That's a mind-boggling number of bicycles. Seems more like a compulsion rather than a business, unless the goal was to help keep crack heads in ready money.

The police decided to set up a massive temporary "come and get your bike" depot, with fairly lenient proof requirements, so I headed down this afternoon to see if I could find my poor old Trek 800. No luck, but I did snap this iPhone photo of just a fraction of the bikes the police were trying to return.

Speaking of TIFF, I'll be on staff as a Box Office Line Supervisor again this year. I'll cut back the volunteer side this time though so I can actually see a few films...

And speaking of film, last night Sheryl and I took in the new version of Brideshead Revisited on the spur of the moment. There was an outstanding TV mini-series version back in the eighties. This much shorter film version stands up, although the homosexual subtext rises to the surface a bit too bluntly and plenty of other nuances are lost. Ben Whishaw as Sebastian Flyte and Michael Gambon and Emma Thompson as Lord and Lady Marchmain really stood out. Nothing like a tale of declining aristocrats and manipulative Catholic mothers!

Listening to: Precious (Michael Mayer Balearic Mix) by Depeche Mode from Precious (Remixes).

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