Sep. 14, 2007

A Boy and his Bike

Over the last week or so I've been cycling downtown to the Toronto Film Festival box office at around 5:30 AM and putting in up to 20 hour days. It's been cool to cold and pitch dark, but mostly under clear skies with lots of stars in the heavens. Just yesterday morning I was savouring the pleasure of speeding through the night under my own power and thinking about how much pleasure I get from my mountain bike. Sure enough when I came out of the Varsity cinemas that evening my beloved Trek 800 had been stolen.

Now I just want to watch The Bicycle Thief over and over again. Everyone is very sympathetic, but Toronto is apparently the bike theft capital of North America.

Later that night I watched the Gala screening of The Walker, Paul Schrader's new political thriller, with Sheryl, her daughter and son in-law. I'm afraid that it was a bit of a disappointment. But the fun began when the director realised that the film was being screened with the reels out of order. It took almost an hour to correct the problem, but we were treated to a wide-ranging question and answer session by Paul and Lauren Bacall, who appeared in the film. That was way more interesting...

By the way, thanks for nothing Colin Farrell. Yesterday the Hollywood star took up the cause of a habitual Yorkville beggar. He bought him clothes, paid his rent for a year and gave him some money to live on. Now we've got panhandlers coming out our ears as they look for their own pot of gold. This afternoon we had to get the police to drag an unstable woman out of a theatre where Sidney Lumet was giving a talk.

Listening to: Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep from Welcome to the Night Sky.

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