Sep. 23, 2007

I've been Googled!

Yesterday I was out for a short run and one of the Google Street View cars drove by. Kind of surprising to encounter something like that in "the wild". They're busy digitizing streets across North America to add a new dimension to Google Earth and presumably more revenue from real estate interests. When Toronto appears in Google Earth's Street View look for me running along the side of Brentcliffe Road.

Why was I running? Well I'm in training for my first marathon, just a few weeks away on October 14th. This morning I ran 33K in training (a marathon is roughly 42K). Yesterday's run was just 5K because it was a "brick". That's triathlon lingo for bike-then-run. The bike component was 108K, my longest to date. But isn't my triathlon season over? You might think so and I might have agreed with you a few weeks ago. But my father's Australian memorial celebration is coming up in Perth and there's an Ironman race just outside of town on December 2nd! I've decided to go down for the memorial, bring Chris along to show him Australia and also enter Ironman Western Australia.

This leaves me with just two months to go through most of a year-long Ironman training program. I've got to get my cycling mileage up fast (but not too fast), keep the running up and get back into the pool. The training for my Half Ironman last July gives me a good starting point, but there's definitely ground to be made up.

I know it's a pretty ambitious goal... I'm going to need lots of good thoughts directed my way over the next ten weeks. Wish me luck!

In other news, Brian and I are still watching the Formula One races. Life conspired to fill the PVR with unwatched races though. Over the last few days we watched Turkey and Italy by ourselves, tonight we got together to watch Belgium. Not much to say about the races, Ferrari has been coming on strong while the rivalry between McLaren teammates Alonso and Hamilton is getting more intense. The big news in Formula One circles is that McLaren has been found guilty of spying on Ferrari and been fined $100 million as well as losing all their team points for the season. Yike.

Listening to: The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap from Speak for Yourself.

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