Oct. 1, 2007

Training, training and training

The Rick Mercer ReportLast Friday night I took Chris and his friend to the taping of the Rick Mercer Report. Chris had managed to get free tickets to the season premier. It looked like we might not get there in time, but we just made it although Chris was berating me the whole way. Chris and his friend enjoyed the show, as did I. The taping went very smoothly, only taking 45 minutes. Afterwards Chris got Rick's autograph to complete the star treatment.

It was a busy weekend of training. Saturday morning started with a 4 1/2 hour 120K ride followed by a 6K run. I'd hoped to join up with some Club mates, but we never connected. I did encounter a couple of other triathletes out on solo training rides though so I had company for a small part of the day. Mainly just me and my iPod, and a sore bum. I think I should invest in a serious pair of cycling shorts as I start cranking up the distance.

Sunday got off to a slower start as Chris and I watched the Japanese Grand Prix with Brian. The race took place in the wet, with occasional torrential rain fall. It proved to be quite an interesting race with the slippery conditions with extremely poor visibility leading to lots of reversals of fortune. The race started behind the safety car and they weren't "released" until lap 18. In the end Lewis Hamilton finished where he started, as did Kimi Raikkonen (first and third). Poor Mark Weber crashed out of the race near the end when he had a lock on second place. Doubly hard because he had apparently been battling food poisoning and had thrown up in his full face helmet at the start! Bleah. His crash was the result of a collision with a team mate, who was later seen weeping in the team garage. They were both on track for sensational results.

After the race I returned home briefly before setting out on a 31K run, again running alone with only my iPod for company. Practice for my Ironman I guess. Funnily enough however I did encounter one of the triathletes I'd spoken to earlier on the bike. She was cycling home just as I was setting out to run!

Listening to: Dancing in Chains by Akido from Blink.

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