Nov. 1, 2007

The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Pirate PumpkinLast night I dreamed that I was helping Ravi Shankar prepare for a concert in a high school auditorium. A few nights ago I dreamed that I had won $200,000 in a lottery. Weird! Sheryl tells me that she dreamed she was on vacation and was worrying about where to put her guinea pig (what guinea pig?) at one of her stops. Weird too. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket today though, that one would be nice to have come true...

I re-arranged my weekend to fit in a last-minute job on-air at The Shopping Channel Saturday and my triathlon club's planning retreat. Chris and I drove out to see my parents, just back from Greece and Turkey, late Saturday night. On Sunday I biked onward to Brighton (45K) to join the other executive members for the final breakfast meeting of the weekend, ride again with them, have lunch and then ride back to Cobourg. 125K all told, in cold and windy weather.

My parents took me out for a day-before-my-birthday dinner before we finally drove back into the city. The drive was interesting though, I had to borrow my parent's van to get home as my car's battery had suddenly died when my parents tried to use it! No sign of any problems at all before it expired. The strange thing is that this has happened once before a few years ago, also when I'd given the keys to my parents. On Monday I drove back out to Cobourg to return their van and pick up my car, with it's new battery, from the auto shop.

My "real" birthday dinner was with Sheryl and her sister-in-law. We tried to go to our favourite Asian restaurant, Saigon Sister, but it's gone out of business! We settled for a delicious Indian meal at Biryani House. Sheryl gave me a very nice black pea coat, which will come in handy as the temperature drops.

Halloween was a quiet affair this year, Chris was with his mother and my new neighbourhood seems to have fewer children. All the more chocos for me to eat!

Listening to: Civil Twilight by The Weakerthans from Reunion Tour.

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