Nov. 5, 2007

Bring It On!

Wow, last weekend was a big one for me. Saturday's ride was planned to be "big" but some missed turns out in the countryside resulted in me realising that I was a long way from home when I began approaching my target distance, a full Ironman bike leg of 180K. I ended up doing 200K in just under 7 hours! I cursed myself a bit, but was very pleased to get home tired but undefeated. I even got a solid little run immediately afterwards. It was damn cold though, I had to delay my start over an hour to wait for the temperature to rise above freezing. Winter running pants, cycling "booties" (best money I ever spent...), two cycling shirts and a vest, and winter riding gloves were all in use. I was also wearing my Nike winter running cap underneath my helmet.

The late start and detours left me a bit short of time though and I had to scramble to meet up with Sheryl and Adrian. We'd all been invited by Adrian's friend Sean to his in-laws country potluck and Guy Fawkes Night celebration. I dealt that buffet table a mighty blow after my day's training. They put on a pretty serious fireworks show too and lit a satisfyingly dangerous bonfire.

Sunday's run was a reasonable 25K in just under 2 hours. Combined with the ramped up swimming I've been doing at the 50m pool up in North York, including full race distance swims (3.8K) in under an hour, I feel like I'm well prepared for my Ironman race on December 2nd. Now to pay some attention to the travel/sightseeing agenda!

Sheryl and I watched After the Wedding (the Danish film Efter brylluppet) Sunday night on pay-per-view, we both enjoyed it but differed in our opinion of the character Jorgen. Sheryl thought that his deceptions were justified, I was of the opinion that he was a self-serving, manipulative son-of-a-bitch... The film developed slowly, but was very rewarding. Excellent performances across the board, edgy editing, and a heart-breaking ending.

Listening to: Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters from There is Nothing Left to Lose.

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