Nov. 13, 2007

It's All Downhill Now

Downhill in the sense of coasting, not declining... I realised on Sunday that my Ironman is three weeks away, which puts me into "race prep" training rather than "build" training.

This came to me at the Toronto Triathlon Club's End-of-Season dinner, where I had a chance to chat with our coach Nigel Gray (whose training plan I've been loosely following) and found myself eating rosemary chicken beside Paolina Allan, who finished in 10th place at Ironman Florida last week. The evening concluded with the screening of a DVD slide show I'd put together of our Club's season. My carefully selected pumpin' soundtrack was defeated by a lack of a connection to the restaurant's PA system though. :-(

Saturday was, as always, long ride day. 145K under my wheels, but it was interrupted by a thawing out session at a convenience store. There was ice in some of the puddles I passed! I'm glad that my big training rides are now behind me for this season. In addition to the Club dinner Sunday night I was working at The Shopping Channel through out the day. I managed to get in a 14K afternoon run along the Credit River between live shows.

Chris and I went to the movies Saturday night, to see Bee Movie. Lot's a Seinfeld-ian humour, but not much to it otherwise. Good voice talents though. Very PG, with the usual animals-talking-to-humans plot.

Listening to: Me in Honey by R.E.M. from Out of Time.

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