Oct. 23, 2007

It Ain't Over 'Til Its Over

I watched the year's final Formula One race, in Brazil, on TV with my friend on Sunday. What a great finish to the season! Three drivers were in contention, with the rookie Lewis Hamilton having a solid lead. All the contenders were up at the front for the start. A poor start and an over-aggressive corner dropped Lewis back to eighth on the first lap. Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari was ahead of Lewis and Fernando Alonso's McLarens on the track, but still "behind" them in points if the race finished as they were lined up... Then a surprise, but brief, mechanical problem hit Lewis' car! He dropped back to last place. Lewis managed to claw his way back up to seventh, but it wasn't enough. Kimi won the race and the Driver's Championship by a single point!

This weekend's workouts were a bit abbreviated. Saturday's planned five hour ride was delayed by problems replacing a broken chain and then interrupted by two flats. And it was bloody windy. So the ride shrank to 2:40. I was keen to put in a 30K run on Sunday morning as my Ironman training plan wanted. Wiser heads in my running group convinced me to do 16K instead as I'm still technically recovering from my marathon last weekend. Only six weeks until my Ironman...

Listening to: Finally (f. Julie McKnight) by Kings of Tomorrow from Hed Kandi - Deeper.

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