Oct. 15, 2007

Yes Officer, I'll Come Quietly

The Arresting Officers and II spent today acting in a police instructional video about domestic violence. I was the violent husband. I'm hoarse from shouting through all the argument scenes and kind of jittery from the residual adrenaline... Didn't feel good.

There was lots of improvised dialog too, so it was all very fluid. I had a small makeup scratch, my "wife" had some more serious makeup effects; choking bruises and a bad cut over her eye.

We went all the way through; arguing in the kitchen, fighting in the living room, me trying to keep the 911-responding police officers out of the house, being interviewed and then "cuffed and stuffed" (arresting and placed in the back of the police cruiser). Hope I never have to re-enact that scenario.

This Friday will be easier... Demonstrating a therapeutic pillow on The Shopping Channel. Yes, I'll be getting paid to sleep!

Listening to: Streets of Your Town by The Go-Betweens from 16 Lovers Lane.

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