Jul. 29, 2007

That's When the Hornet Stung Me

I went for a short run this morning and managed to get hit on the lip by a wasp. It stung my lip three times before I could get it away from me, twice on the inside of my lip, once on the outside. I ran another eight km after that, feeling my lip swell up and get numb. The swelling has pretty much gone away already though. Strange days! Excellent advice from another runner: avoid bright colours during summer daylight hours in order to avoid looking like a fast-moving flower.

I have no photo of my injury to share this time as it's no longer dramatic enough to induce sympathy. Also my camera is out for repairs because of a nearly fatal drop. It's been back and forth to Vistek several times now. The camera was still functional but the case had popped partially open. I'd hoped that they could dismantled it enough to pop things back into place, but the quote of $100 made me decide that I could live with it the way it was. Unfortunately when it was returned the shutter wouldn't fire any more and the rotating view screen didn't flip the image when it was rotated... So maybe $100 isn't a bad investment after all!

I also talked to the store manager about the running clinics they hold. They've been looking for clinic leaders and I thought I'd find out what was involved and what the pay was. The pay isn't great, but I'm going to give it a try. If you feel like signing up for a 5K running clinic starting next week, let me know! (I get paid based on the number of registrants.)

Chris and I spent the last part of the morning closing up his suitcase for camp and buying a last few items. Then we had our ritual pre-camp lunch at the Pickle Barrel and he climbed onto his bus to head off into the land of cabins and outhouses...

Listening to: Ahead by a Century by The Tragically Hip from Trouble at the Henhouse.

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