Jul. 28, 2007

Quality, not Quantity

Chris is home now and between intense bursts of World of Warcraft we drove out to my mother's house in Cobourg to see The Simpsons Movie and stay overnight. It's a funny movie if you're already a Simpsons fan, but I don't think it will enlarge their audience. Chris and I are fans of the TV show, so we were primed to enjoy it. The film is full of little societal observations and stereotypical character facets that brought a smile to my face. Never ask Monty Burns to look into his heart when deciding whether to press the "Help Springfield" or "Release the Hounds" button!

In the morning we had huevos rancheros for breakfast with my parents and their friends the Browns. The Browns were in Cobourg for a vintage car tour and had brought their 1912 Hudson (1912!) with them. Chris and I got a kick out of seeing their car, which looks much like the photo here I found on the intertubes. It was on an enclosed trailer because the rear axle had broken out on the road the previous day. Up until the 1920's most North American cars were right-hand drive, which was a revelation to us. Their Hudson had a crank starter and acetylene driving lights.

Chris is all packed, tomorrow he's on the bus and heading north for four weeks of camp.

Listening to: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads from Speaking in Tongues.

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