Jul. 26, 2007

Has Hell Frozen Over?

John C. Dvorak, a personal computing columnist who has made a long career out of disparaging the Mac, seems to have actually used one recently. His new position? He's too hooked into Windows to change, but he going to start recommending Macs to people! Such is the power of the iPhone... Heh. My ten shares of Apple stock are up today, hitting over $150 before settling down to $146. I bought them at $7! Wish I'd bought a thousand...

Chris is back from his vacation with his Mom, we'll have two days together before he heads off to summer camp. I think I'll try to visit him around half way mark. Sounds like he enjoyed himself but wished that there had been less hiking.

I got two good workouts in today, in spite of the heat; a brutal spinning class at noon followed by a 10 km run under the hot sun. Riding home from the gym before my run I met Andy from my triathlon club. He was just back from Lake Placid where he'd done the Ironman in under 11 hours. Wow! I'd been turning over in my head the idea of signing up for Lake Placid next year, but decided that my financial situation needed to improve first. Quite a few Club members went down to race or to watch and sign up for next year and the 2008 race sold out within minutes. Looks like there'll be no Ironman for me next year... Maybe I'll go down next year to watch so I can register for 2009. Or I can just train really, really hard and earn a place at the Muskoka Long Course race in June.

One last thing: I've been watching a lot of the Tour de France on TV, but the enjoyment has been soured by two of the top riders withdrawing because of doping allegations. It was fantastic watching the riders fighting their way up the mountains, but now that I know that the winner of many of those stages was drug-enhanced it feels stupid to have admired his efforts.

Listening to: Episode 112 of the CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence.

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