May 13, 2007

Time Flies

It's been a while since I've blogged, so this will have to be a collection of quick notes. No excuse really, I've just been distracted. So; what's happened this week?

My house has been "on the market" for a week now and there have been plenty of showings. We started accepting offers on Friday, but so far nothing. Patience, patience... I think people are looking for a second bathroom these days. It's been nice living in such a pared down and clean house but not very convenient having to jump out for an hour or two, often on short notice, when someone wants to come through with their agent. I've been starting to consider areas for renting that are close to Chris' high school and to parks for training.

Speaking of training, I got a number of good workouts this week culminating in a 63K bike ride on Saturday morning with my Tri club. It was a chilly morning but I left the house feeling climatically optimistic. This meant that I arrived at the meeting point woefully under-dressed. Luckily I was able to borrow a cycling vest and arm warmers from two club mates. The result was pretty much perfect for the conditions. Otherwise the morning was sunny and the ride was great. I averaged just over 30K/hour. Good thing too, as I had to race home to change and get Chris out of the house for some house viewings at Noon. This morning I only had time for a 10K run before dragging Chris out to my mother's home in Cobourg for a Mother's Day lunch. (Chris has made arrangements with his Mom to celebrate Mother's Day on Monday.)

The Pirate ShipSaturday afternoon I ended up at Rosedale's long-running May Fair while Chris was visiting a friend. Same as always; a bunch of small-scale carnival rides and "games of skill", long lines, excited kids. The weather was nice which isn't always the case at May Fair. As always I got dragged on to a scary ride by an overly-ambitious small child and we both ended up hanging on for dear life.

No modeling work this week, but I did have a job interview with a big telecommunications company. The interview took place in their "Level Four" data center. It would be nice to have a full-time I.T. job again! Fingers crossed.

My friend Brian has been really busy lately, so we didn't watch the last Formula One race in Bahrain together. He's working on the Air India Inquiry, which is very much in the news here in Canada. He actually made it onto the Wednesday night National News! The race was a Ferrari/McLaren show again with BMW hard on their heels. Lewis Hamilton finished second, making him the first driver to finish on the podium in his first three races (he's now finished on the podium in all four races). The race has also produced a three-way tie for first place in the driver's championship between last year's champion Fernando Alonso, previous champion Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton. The Bahrain track is hot and prone to sandy conditions, but the big environmental factor was gusting winds which made down force a bigger variable than usual.

Today Brian and I watched a partial recording of the Spanish Grand Prix. The race broadcast was bumped by the World Hockey Championships in Moscow. Canada won, of course... That broadcast also ran long, so our recording contained about 30 minutes of post-tournament footage. This meant that our recording stopped with 13 laps left to go. Humbug. We did share a nice Mother's Day dinner at the same time though. The race was pretty straight-forward on the track with most of the action coming from breakdowns or pit lane mishaps such as a flash fire(!) and a wheel nut flying off. By virtue of a second place finish Lewis Hamilton is now in sole possession of first place in the driver's championship. What an amazing debut.

My Dad has improved a bit from his stroke, but I understand that they now think his stoke was triggered by a brain tumor. Not good. He's been moved to a rehab hospital but I think they are planning to move him again to a palliative care facility.

Listening to: Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow from C'mon, C'mon.

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