May 6, 2007

Going with the Flow

After my late Friday night on The Shopping Channel I was up and out the door with my Cervelo triathlon bike shortly before 9:00 AM. I got to the meeting point a little bit late, so I rode with one other latecomer. We covered 60K in two hours on the country roads around Newmarket, under sunny warm skies. Nice. There was a bit of wind though, which made for some hard sections. The last leg had a tailwind which felt great. Note to self: Body Glide isn't just for races. Apply liberally to areas that will be in contact with bike seat before all long rides...

Back in town I met Sheryl for lunch at the Montreal Bread Company in Yorkville. Afterward I was going to help her shop for a new car (she sold her old one last week), but I ran out of steam. I tried to fix some things on her computer, but then I had to head home for a nap before meeting up with a friend.

My friend David had invited me along to a charity concert for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, called Mardi Gras in the Beach at the Balmy Beach Club. David plays harmonica with the R&B band Three Chord Johnny, but was last night he was sitting in with Roadhouse. I thought the evening would be sittin' and drinkin' but Louise, one of Sheryl's best friends, happened to be there too so we spent a lot of time dancing and chatting. Louise works for an ad agency and most of her company had come out. David's day job is freelance copywriting and he may have scored some work with Louise's agency. I also may have landed some work, modeling suits and jackets, as the result of a conversation with an art director. Never pass up a party!

Sunday morning was supposed to be an early start like Saturday. I had planned to head up to the Running Room for a 20K run. Didn't happen... Something told me that a sleep-in was what the doctor ordered. Instead I went for a swim at noon.

Speaking of "going with the flow", there's a free online game I discovered a while ago called Flow. Try it out!

Listening to: Domino by Van Morrison from His Band and the Street Choir.

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