May 4, 2007

Fitness Model

I just got home a little while ago from another way point in my journey toward being model of the year. Joking! Today I spent three hours on live TV (Canada's The Shopping Channel) helping to demonstrate fitness products. All I had to do was smile and sweat (but not too much of either). The three hours were spread out over ten hours time, so it was a long day. Which was OK because for most of the day I was banned from my house because of real estate viewings.

There were three cameras (one fixed and two mobile) and lots of monitors showing us the live feed and a preview feed so we could check that we looked OK before a cut happened. It felt oddly voyeuristic watching myself that way... The sound stage had four different areas, many of which were setting up or being torn down while the broadcast was going on. The atmosphere was one of "calm confusion". The hour after ours was devoted to selling Wolfgang Puck's counter top ovens.

The "Guest", who is the product expert, was Rosalie Brown. The other fitness model was Kelly, a TSC staffer. Rosalie's a super-toned fitness researcher and personal trainer. By a twist of fate our lives almost overlapped back in the Eighties. I started studying Recreation (I'll explain how important and intricate that subject is if you ask nicely) at the University of Waterloo a year before she started the same program! I switched to Geology at the University of Toronto, she switched to the same faculty's Kinesiology program.

Tomorrow is another day of real estate banishment. I'll fill part of the time going on a long ride with my triathlon club, if my over-worked abs will let me.

Listening to: Something So Strong by Crowded House from Crowded House.

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