May 19, 2007

Weekend Update

Group RideI had a great ride this morning, joining up with my triathlon club at Kelso Conservation Area. We rode the 30K route of the upcoming Milton Triathlon in beautiful sunny weather. Fantastic! Between a missed turn and doing two laps I actually covered 65K in just over two hours. The route has a massive hill early in the course, followed by rolling terrain. "Out" is definitely harder than "back" where I reached speeds of nearly 80kph!

Chris, as usual, spent the morning in front of the computer playing World of Warcraft... When I got home we headed back out on foot to get his hair cut and see a matinée of Shrek the Third. Sadly, it was more like "Shrek One Third". Funny moments, but too many aimless segments. Running out of steam, I think. My friend's daughter was in the theatre, but never noticed us even though we were only 2 meters away. Preoccupied with girl talk I think.

I was disappointed to read today that the minority Conservative government has been actively blocking parliament's work. I knew that they were happy to delay processes that didn't favour them, but it seems that they actually took the time to put together a 200 page manual on how to deadlock committees! This from the party that promised to "Get Things Done" and follow the principles of "integrity and honesty"...

Listening to: Virtue by Jesse Cook from Free Fall.

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