May 17, 2007

The Deal is Done

Earlier this evening I sold my house! We got a good price for it, but now the serious business of looking for an apartment or condo begins... Nice to have that settled.

As part of my recent big clean-up I found some free movie coupons. They expire tomorrow so Sheryl and I used two of them this evening, after my parents and I finished the real estate matters, taking in Dutch film Zwartboek (The Black Book). It's the story of a young Jewish woman's struggle to survive in Holland during the dying days of WWII. An interesting time for sure, but I felt that the characters weren't that well drawn and that the plot was unproductively complicated. Lots of violence and nudity though. Carice van Houten is a sexy woman! Director Paul Verhoeven was also responsible for such "notable" films as Showgirls and Starship Troopers. I think a more subtle hand was needed here although I generally enjoyed the film. I have to say I enjoyed Sebastian Koch much more in The Lives of Others.

I see that Apple lost 4 billion on the stock market today because of a rumour of delay in the iPhone and Mac OS X 10.5. But got it all back again half an hour later when the rumour was proven false. Someone lost a lot of money today!

No training today because of real estate, another job interview, and more rain...

Listening to: Homeless by Paul Simon from Graceland.

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