May 23, 2007

Hot Enough for Ya?

Today was a lovely hot sunny day; I spent the afternoon wearing a heavy turtle neck and parka. Ah, the joys of a casting call! I borrowed a t-shirt as soon as possible afterwards. Tomorrow I'll be on set for a Home Depot photo shoot. The weekend will be spent up in Collingwood on a triathlon club training camp. I should be pretty sore come Monday...

I spoke to my father's girlfriend last night, he's apparently "recovering" from his stroke and able to speak much more freely. He's still paralysed on his right side, but is regaining strength on his left side. This is great news for his daily living, but the brain tumour that triggered the stroke is still very much the issue. They're discussing treatments but the time line is just a few months. I'm trying to decide whether I should visit with Chris when school finishes at the very end of June or go earlier and take him out of school for a few days. We just don't know how long Dad will be able to enjoy a visit. Another stroke could strike at any moment, or his health could just deteriorate.

Final thought: Yesterday I saw a father with his young son unsuccessfully try to force a left turn against oncoming traffic. Didn't work, fortunately it was a residential street and there wasn't a collision. On Saturday while driving on the 401 Highway to my workout I was in the passing lane going "pretty darn fast" getting past some slower traffic when another car screamed up behind me going at least 150 kph (the highway speed limit, which I was "comfortably" exceeding, is 100). They swerved onto the shoulder and rocketed by me without pausing, honking as they went. Mein Godt! Everyone just take a chill pill, OK?

Listening to: Soleil Soleil by Lola Dutronic from The World of Lola Dutronic.

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