Mar. 20, 2007

Good Days, Bad Days?

President Bush say that there'll be "good days and bad days" in Iraq. Thanks for clearing that up! Oh, wait, was there ever a good day? Can't get an answer to that because Bush, as usual, didn't take questions after his statement...

Chris and his grandmother's flight from London landed on Friday night at 7:30 and by 8:30 we were driving straight to grandmother's house in Cobourg. Chris conked out pretty fast once we arrived and grandmother wasn't far behind. He seems to have had a great time although they were both a bit cranky on the flight home. Chris didn't lose his wallet by the way, it had just slipped out of his pants and into a corner of his luggage!

Saturday morning Chris and I drove back into the city and he got in several hours of pent-up computer time after I downloaded his 200 England pictures. He's got some good ones in there. He enjoyed the London Eye, the Natural History Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Tower of London, Stonehenge, the Roman ruins in Bath, and Cambridge. He also enjoyed seeing Patrick Stewart in The Tempest.

I'm still trying to prepare for the 30K Around the Bay race this coming weekend. Not much I can do now except rest, but on Sunday I did almost the full race distance with some people from the Running Room. My 29.6K took 2:51, which was done at a fairly slow 'n' steady pace. The girl I ran with thinks I should be aiming for a race time of under 2:30. My knees were pretty sore that evening, but I seem to have bounced back. Thursday will be my triathlon club's "Newbie Night". I'll be presenting the swimming section of the evening. I'm turning into an expert!

Listening to: Have You Ever Been Away by The Beautiful South from Welcome to the Beautiful South.

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