Mar. 23, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front?

I think it's a bit of a truism that when a blog "goes quiet" it usually means that someone's real life is getting busy or there are big changes afoot that the blogger isn't comfortable talking about... Well, that's true here. As my two regular readers probably know, I've spent the eighteen months wandering in the desert (Moses' got nuthin' on me). I've been casting about trying to find new work and slowly consuming my savings. I made a heavy investment in ignoring reality too.

It's coming down to the nub now though, and I've made a couple of decisions. First, get a bloody job! Helping out friends and picking up random computer consulting work isn't paying the bills and neither is modeling. Like anyone following an acting "career" it's time for me to get a job as a waiter. Second, stop paying this damn mortgage! I'm going to list my house as soon as I can get it prepped and rent until my life settles down again. I'm sad about this decision as I love my neighbourhood and have been very comfortable in my house. This house also represents my last connection to a woman with whom I thought I was starting a new life when I bought it. (Insert frowny smiley face here.)

Turning back to frivolities, the Formula One season started last weekend but Brian and I are carefully avoiding automotive web sites and news until we can get together tomorrow to watch the tape. No spoiler e-mails please! I gave a presentation on swimming at my triathlon club's seminar last night and a woman from Montreal was itching to fill me in on the race.

This evening I caught the film Sharkwater with my friend Adrian. The film has great photography and a compelling environmental message. I always get a bit cautious when a radical advocacy group like the Sea Shepard Society is part of the message though. There's usually too little balance and too much radical action. The film also ended up being as much about the director's somewhat narcissistic experience as it was about the foolish over-exploitation of the sea. The question I left the theatre with was this: "why do so many idiotic Asian superstitions and traditional 'treatments' end up driving species to extinction?"

Listening to: One More Astronaut by I Mother Earth from Scenery and Fish.

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