Mar. 16, 2007


Tonight Chris gets back from England with his grandmother. I'm looking forward to seeing him again and hearing about his experiences. I think he's got about 600 photographs to download! If past experience is any guide his photos will all be of pigeons and other small animals...

I'm also looking forward to Saturday night, which is Sunday midday in Australia. Thats when the 2007 Formula One season will start in Melbourne. There are lots of changes this year, including top drivers changing teams, rookies arriving with great promise, new car designs and new regulations. There's only one tire brand in use this year, but each team will have to drive at some point in the race on each of two tire compounds. The pre-season consensus is that Ferrari and McLaren are the teams to beat. Where does that leave double world champion Fernando Alonso? Looking pretty good with sitting in Kimi Raikkonen's seat with his new McLaren team. Kimi Raikkonen pulled off a convincing win in the highly competitive Finnish Kopparberg King snowmobile race last week, so we know he's not rusty... and he's got a hot Ferrari ride to boot. Renault and Williams look competitive, but Honda and Toyota appear to have their work cut out for them.

Mars in the news: New satellite analysis shows that Mars' poles have sheets of nearly pure ice that approach 4 km in thickness...

Listening to: Big Bang Baby by Stone Temple Pilots from Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop.

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