Feb. 6, 2007

A Smart Cookie

Over the last few weeks we've been consulting paediatricians, social workers and psychologists about Chris' performance in school. He's been on medication for "attention deficit" for most of his grade school life and success in school, both academically and socially, has fluctuated widely. With high school looming we want to make sure he's equipped for success and that we're focusing on real issues as opposed to past history... At lunch he came home from a formal psychological assessment that is part of determining if he needs an Individual Educational Plan or just more discipline.

Turns out that he's "a genius" and should be heading for a gifted program in high school! He's not sure how he feels about all this just yet, but he's been warned not to burn any bridges by rubbing it in people's faces at school. We still need to figure out how things are actually going to proceed.

I saw Venus last night, what great performances! Peter O'Toole played an aging actor who sets in sights on his friend's grand-niece (Jodie Whittaker) when she comes to stay. She's a mixed up self-centered girl, but he's a match for her in that department... A sad little tale in the end, sort of a mildly pervy end-of-life Pygmalion, but lovingly brought to life.

Listening to: Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club from Tom Tom Club.

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