Feb. 9, 2007

Minding Your "P"s and "Q"s

Late last night I tried to log into the web site I manage for my triathlon club to update some news. There was bigger news though... Our domain name registration had expired. No web site! I'm not the contact for the club's domain name, so I had no idea we were running out of time. I called/e-mailed everyone I had contact details for to make sure the problem was (hopefully) corrected quickly, things were back online by 9:00 AM. Luckily the domain name wasn't particularly desirable. I think that expired domain registrations are "protected" for a month or so after they expire as well.

I caught some entertaining TV yesterday, watching the opening episode of the 14th season(!) of Survivor, set in Fiji. I watched Survivor regularly the first few seasons but eventually got disgusted by the entire "reality" TV genre. I think it was Temptation Island that did it, a show where couples went to an island resort and the producers tried to break them up.

A friend of mine wanted to watch while I was visiting him, so I sat through the episode. From my "elevated perspective" the show was hilarious. It was like watching someone stick a fork into a toaster. What did you expect to happen? The producers are going to spend the whole season jerking your chain and making you jump through capricious hoops. Suck it up and bask in your 1.5 seconds of fame... Having said that, I enjoy this kind of competition when it's friendly. A number of years ago an acquaintance organised a big party on her farm and divided everyone into teams for a scavenger hunt. "We" won and I was able to solve about half the puzzles myself. It was a very satisfying combination of mental puzzles and trail running.

I found a new TV show to watch today too, The IT Crowd. It's a new British comedy about the I.T. department of a corporation... They seem to have nailed the stereotypes pretty well. Too bad its not on the air here, the episode I saw had been downloaded from the intertubes.

I've been meaning to mention this for a little while, but I found a neat Mac OS X utility for making audiobooks from MP3 files last week. I've got a number of "books on CD" that I've copied to my Mac, but they end up as a bunch of individual songs in iTunes, which isn't that useful. Audiobook Builder joins them together, lets you set Chapter points and import artwork, and tells iTunes to treat it like an audiobook. Nice.

Listening to: Plush (Acoustic) by Stone Temple Pilots from Thank You.

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