Jan. 9, 2007


Being under-employed has its benefits. I'm watching the live web summaries of Steve Jobs' Macworld presentation...

The newest iPod is also a camera cellphone! iPhone is here. It's all screen and has a Mac OS X interface! Holy cow. This is a product with legs. Amazing features: huge high rez touch screen, internet access (either wireless network or cellular data), real web browser, real e-mail, GPS (edit: oops, that's GSM which is just a type of cellular network), chat/photo applications based on desktop Mac products, iTunes songs & video & TV...

"Apple" TV was previously announced but the full reveal looks like a great interface between computers and TV. Cheap too, including a 40 GB drive for $299.

More nerd-gasm as it happens.

Updates: The iPhone will ship in June. $499 for the 4GB model, $599 for the 8GB, with a two year Cingular contract. Not bad really. Nothing else announced, guess they want to keep the big news message focused. We'll probably see a lower-key press event in a few weeks with desktop changes, software updates, etc.

Listening to: Drive My Car by The Beatles from Rubber Soul.

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