Dec. 7, 2006

Roaming Free

I drove down the Bayview Extension this afternoon to give my friend Adrian another hand. At one of the faster parts of the road a little Sheltie ran out onto the road and began running down the centre of my lane. I barely managed to avoid running her over...

I pulled off as fast as I could and tried to call her over to safely. She came over quite willingly and jumped into my car without hesitation. I think she was a bit frightened to be loose (all Shelties are "she" as far as I'm concerned).

At first I thought she might be a stray as she was a bit unkempt and I considered taking her straight to the Humane Society, but she had a harness on with a name and phone number so after reassuring her a bit I called the number. An elderly woman answered and as I asked her if her dog was missing a woman came up on to the road. I beckoned her over because it was obvious she was looking for an escaped dog. She was the owner's daughter, so they were reunited. There is a big dog-walking area in the Don Valley below, that is where my little ward had escaped from.

If there hadn't been a lull in the traffic when she ran out it could have badly. The incident brought back memories of the dogs we lost to collisions when I was a teenager living on a farm... On Saturday Chris and I will be looking after Sheryl's little dog Barkley for ten days. I hope we don't have any emergencies!

Listening to: Yours To Keep by Paola from Stockcity Girl.

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