Aug. 31, 2006

Dogs I have loved...

Mary - A Beagle-mix puppy. Bought by my father shortly after he left my mother, as a way to encourage us to visit him. Given the choice of naming her my brother, sister and I unanimously agreed to name after our mother... Not sure what happened to her, probably "re-gifted" after our reproachful choice of name. I was about ten at the time.

Bubba - A wimpy but affectionate Doberman Pinscher bitch who never the less liked to run off into the countryside. Struck by a car on the road beside our farm and died in my arms.

Langdale's Crystal Star ("Crys") - A gentle, affectionate golden Labrador Retriever bitch who had a special place in my heart. Also able to eat anything, including thawing roasts, pounds of butter and the parts of any cakes reachable from the floor. Struck by a car on the road beside our farm the night I returned from my first summer working in the Arctic.

Willie - Crys' son, a black Labrador male with a mischevious streak and a twinkle in his eye. Another roadside fatality.

Lucky - A male Husky puppy who was lucky to be rescued from the pound. Grew so fast his collars would rub his throat raw before we realised a new size was needed. Sociable with our barn cats, but killed several through friendly gnawing... Stuck by cars repeatedly and ultimately fatally. Luckily for our other dogs we moved off the farm shortly afterwards.

Turk - A small mutt with a fair amount of Black Labrador in him. Good company, and always up for a walk along the creek. Died of old age. Surprise!
Barkley - Sheryl's male Bichon Frise-Poodle cross. Small, fuzzy and eager to please, he gets attention wherever he goes. This evening Sheryl and I had a drink at Sassafrass and when I walked her home Barkley leapt into my lap and pressed the side of his head against my chest in an irresistable way...

Duff Paddy - A little black Poodle owned by Irish friends of Sheryl's. A very intelligent and playful boy. I say this to make Barkley jealous. :-)

Listening to: Bees by Caribou from The Milk of Human Kindness.

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