Oct. 19, 2006

Will work for food

A busy day today starting downtown with a casting call in the morning. Didn't get it. (Surprise!)

Next I cycled over to the pool for my first swim workout in six weeks. With the triathlon season over and my local pool closed for maintenance I've chosen to focus on running lately and also hoped to recover from a mild case of swimmer's shoulder. I'm not sure about the shoulder yet, but it felt good to be back in the pool.

Then it was back downtown to make another platelet donation, keeping a weather eye on the sky as I was still on my bike and it had rained in the morning. While donating (it takes two hours) I watched the new Pink Panther film. Six word review: dumb but with a few chuckles. Want more details? I love Emily Mortimer. Too bad she was barely on screen...

At the end of it all I fixed some minor problems on a elderly friend's Mac in "exchange" for a seat at their dinner table. She's my friend Brian's mother-in-law and a very interesting lady. Her husband always wants to chat about his WWII experiences as an officer aboard corvettes in the Canadian Navy, so tonight I told him an anecdote I had just heard about a sailor on the HMCS Haida: Back in the Sixties his crew mates sent him running down to their quarters one morning to rouse a missing sailor. The reason the sailor wasn't on deck (which the crew mates knew)? He'd died in the night, but his corpse still lay in his bunk. What a macabre joke!

Brian's family joined us for dinner, but not Brian. He was hosting a catered company dinner at their home, his family was hiding out at granny's place.

Listening to: Fixing a Hole by The Beatles from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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