Oct. 17, 2006

How long is an ohnosecond?

Ohnosecond: That minuscule fraction of time in which you realise that you've just made a big mistake.

This afternoon I drove Chris to my health club where he is starting squash lessons. I fed my credit card into the street parking machine and when it didn't get pulled in as usual I gave it a little push. An ohnosecond was how long it took to realise that I shouldn't have done that... I could see my card in the slot but I couldn't get it back out!

After realising I had nothing to extract it with I decided to call the number on the machine and amazingly their instructions enabled me to get my card back. The solution was to insert another card, but firmly yank it out when the mechanism tried to pull it in. This was done, the mechanism reset itself, my card was spit back out. Followed by someone else's credit card. I took the extra card and left a note on the machine with my phone number in case the owner checked back. In fact he did return to the machine and find my note; he called and told me to cut the card up as he'd already told his bank that it was lost.

Chris had a great time on the squash court with the Club pro and two other boys his age. He and I have "played" squash half a dozen times, so he was familiar with the game but playing with other boys seemed to be more fun. He'll be there twice a week for the next five weeks. Because it was raining heavily I drove Chris home before heading out to an inaugural triathlon club spinning class. There were only three of us there for it, but it was a great workout. Given my financial situation I can't justify the on-going class fees but I wanted to check it out.

Speaking of the rain, poor Barkley spent the whole day indoors because it was raining so hard and he couldn't avoid an accident on the door mat. I guess he got as close to being "outside" as he could. When I got home this evening the rain had finally stopped so I could take him for a spin around the block.

Listening to: Say It Ain't So by Weezer from Weezer.

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