Oct. 21, 2006

Is It Live, or Memorex?

Just watched an episode of Studio 60 on tape (ironically) where the cast discovers that they have inadvertently plagiarized a comedy routine and goes through contortions to remove the offending passage from the delayed satellite feed. Plot spoiler: turns out that they'd plagiarized themselves (oh, the irony). What I love about this show is the same thing I loved about The West Wing: it feels like you're really there, behind the scenes of an intense environment. Given my own hesitant peek through the acting door, it makes me admire real actors all the more.

A few days ago Canada's Conservative government came out with it's "tough new approach" to climate change. Short version: polluters can keep doing what they want for now but watch out, 'cause in FORTY YEARS we're gonna get tough! Disgusting.

Listening to: Heroes by The Wallflowers from Godzilla (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture).

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