Oct. 9, 2006

Thanks has been given

Just back from my sister's place for Thanksgiving dinner (high-latitudes Canadian version). Turkey, ham and sweet potatoes were eaten, pies and cakes were stuffed into complaining stomachs. Everyone was there except for my brother and his family, so it wasn't quite as loud and chaotic as it could have been. My sister actually expressed disappointment that Sheryl hadn't brought her little dog! Her six-year old daughter Olivia had been delirious with excitement at the news that Sheryl was joining us. Olivia is awe-struck by her cakes. Sadly she spend the evening upstairs by herself watching TV and carefully throwing up into a bowl, the result of some kind of sudden illness with symptoms of headache and stomach upset.

Speaking of nieces, my brother recently reported that when he asked his two-year old daughter to stop picking her nose she replied: "Why? Uncle Ben does it!" Which I do not do (when there's anyone watching). I laughed when I heard the story, but wonder where the idea came from, since I've only seen his twins a few times for a couple of days each time. It seems I have a lot to answer for.

I saw The Aristocrats on The Movie Network last week. No, not the Disney animation, the 2005 documentary about the "world's most obscene joke" being told by a variety of comedians. My god, what a build! Each time it's told the joke gets funnier. And more obscene... I've never laughed harder at anything less "funny".

Yesterday I ran part of the Toronto Marathon course to try and get a good long training run in before the race. 8 km of city streets dodging shoppers and traffic, then 8 km of my usual running trail. Next weekend the city will be split in two for the day when Yonge Street is closed for the race.

Listening to: Ode to My Family by The Cranberries from No Need to Argue.

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