Oct. 6, 2006

Shine on, Harvest Moon

I'm just back from an evening run, along "the Beltline", an old rail line nearby that has been converted to a walking path. It was pitch dark most of the way... Good thing I knew the route well. The harvest moon was in my eyes all the way back, which made it even harder to see my way. it's interesting to note that the Moon is moving 4 cm away from Earth every year as it slows down...

Another celestial body was in the news today, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has started sending back unprecedented images of the Mars surface and today a high resolution image of Victoria Crater, where the Opportunity Rover is currently operating, was released. What an amazing image! Opportunity, even it's shadow, can be seen in the magnified view. This area will probably be the final resting place for the Opportunity Rover, as it is so far past it expected failure point and there is so much to be investigated here.

Sheryl and I saw The Last Kiss on Tuesday night, one of those 'man-child realises it's time to grow up' films. Well done, but the characters seemed pretty short-sighted. Maybe I'm just getting old... Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner played the parents of Jacinda Barrett's character Jenna well, showing their struggle to stay together. I have to admit that enjoyed Rachel Bilson performance as the tempting and possibly unstable Kim. Sheryl kept poking me in the ribs each time she appeared on screen, so it must have been obvious!

Listening to: Shed A Little Light by James Taylor from Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.

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