Oct. 13, 2006

Pace Band

A friendly reminderIt's been a chilly few days. Yesterday I cycled through freak snow flurries, and the forecast for Sunday's Toronto Marathon is pretty much freezing. Hmmm. My brother lives in up-state New York, some areas down there got two feet of snow yesterday!

I'm just back from a job interview and picking up my bib number at the marathon "Expo". On the way down I was delayed by a substantial tree, which had fallen on top of a minivan that I think was moving at the time. I guess Friday the 13th was unlucky for someone. I don't think there were any injuries, but it must have been dramatic!

My half marathon bib number is 4771 if you want to see my results on Sunday. My shorter training runs have all been in the range of 5:00/km or slightly faster, which suggests a half marathon time of 1:46. I picked up a 3:30 paceband for the hell of it, we'll see how far off my guess is!

Listening to: Streets of Fire by Bruce Springsteen from Darkness On The Edge Of Town.

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