Oct. 14, 2006

100% Biodegradable (except as defined by California)

What the hell does "except as defined by California" mean? It's written on a package of "biodegradable" dog poop bags I bought yesterday for use while we're dog-sitting... Time to get some rest before tomorrow's running race but I thought I'd post about last week's Formula One race, at the Suzuka track in Japan, which I finally got around to watching with Brian.

Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher went in to the race tied in points but it looked good for Michael as the two Ferraris had the fastest qualifying times. The best Fernando could do was fifth, behind the two Toyotas. But when the race began Alonso was able to move up into second place fairly easily. It looked like that's how the race would end and Michael would move a bit ahead in the points, but it was not to be. Shortly after their second pit stops Michael's Ferrari engine blew up! This was the first engine failure Michael has had in six years. Alonso cruised home to an easy win and is now ten points ahead. For Michael to win the championship he'll have to win the last race and Alonso would have to fail to finish higher than eighth. A long shot...

There were two other dramatic turns in the race. On lap 21 Christijan Albers crashed after the back end of his Midland flew apart. Looked like a drive train failure. Big nasty chunks of metal and carbon fibre everywhere. On lap 50 Mark Webber went a bit wide on a turn and smashed his Williams into the barriers. Both drivers were unhurt. My favourite driver, Kimi Raikkonen had a tough qualifying session and started in eleventh, but he managed to fight his McLaren up into fifth.

I've been catching up on my TV viewing in other areas too. Yesterday I watched two episodes of Aaron Sorkin's new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It seems to be a worthy successor to The West Wing in terms of plot and dialog. Several cast members have followed Aaron from The West Wing. I'm looking forward to seeing how the characters develop.

Listening to: Night Night by Ive Mendes from Hed Kandi - Winter Chill 06.02.

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