Sep. 15, 2006

TIFF '06 - Day Nine

Today was a day off for me, so after last night's late finish I slept in. I joined up with Sheryl later to catch the 3:00 PM screening of Seraphim Falls, which stars Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson as post-civil war cowboys locked in a relentless pursuit. It was beautifully filmed in New Mexico, but the story line was a bit under-developed and went way off track when the main characters reached the desert.

It was nice to be a 'civilian' at the Festival today, although there were new and old TIFF acquaintances everywhere. Now I'm at home catching up with my son, who I've seen very little of this week... I think we'll try to catch a film together tomorrow.

Listening to: Talk by Coldplay from X & Y.

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