Sep. 16, 2006

TIFF '06 - Day Ten

Today was the last day of the Toronto International Film Festival. My shifts are all done and Yorkville seems like a comparative ghost town. I would have liked to have been down at Roy Thomson Hall to savour the moment and perhaps catch the closing film, Amazing Grace, though. Instead I had some more time with my son which was just as good really.

Sheryl and Dusty went to see their producer friend Denise Pinkley's film Bella this afternoon, where it was announced that Bella had won the People's Choice Award. They called her up after the screening to congratulate her. She was back in New York and had only just heard about the news. Bella seems to have led a charmed life for a film, written in a month and completed in a year.

Sarah Polley's film Away From Her also had a great reception, with a bidding war over the distribution rights and talk of an Academy Awards nomination campaign. Not bad for a debut feature. Her father and mine are good friends, I hope they don't start comparing their children's accomplishments.

But my Festival isn't over just yet... Tomorrow night is the Staff & Volunteer Party! Yee-hah!

Listening to: She's So Young by The Pursuit of Happiness from Love Junk.

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