Sep. 15, 2006

TIFF '06 - Day Eight

Now this is what the Toronto International Film Festival is all about! Everything fell into place for me tonight...

It was a good night again at Roy Thomson Hall, with enthusiastic crowds for Bobby (or "Bahby" as some patrons called it) and Infamous. Everything went smoothly and nearly on schedule in spite of the 15 limos pulling up to the Red Carpet for Bobby and Sandra Bullock, Sigourney Weaver and Toby Jones showing up for Infamous. Bobby was well received by the audience, I wasn't around for the finish of Infamous, so I don't know what the audience thought of it.

DEEP DISH @ Ultra 07941 Sept. 14, 2006 Shot By AndreBack in the dressing rooms we got a bit silly decompressing now that Closing Night is in sight. Then I headed up to Ultra Supper Club with some of the TIFF staff. We had passes to the Deep Dish after-party from fellow Volunteer Captain Donna's company, Diageo, who were sponsoring the event. There was a big crowd at the door but she got us through. DJ Dubfire was spinning great tracks and in spite of the intermittent rain (or perhaps because of the free-flowing Penka Vodka) we had a great time on the roof-top patio. Perhaps the best moment was breezing in past a self-important acquaintance who remained on the wrong side of the velvet ropes...

Listening to: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics from Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

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