Jul. 30, 2006


Heading to the Camp BusI almost put my son on the wrong summer camp's bus! Holy cow. It was only after he'd said "there's the bus", we'd put his pack and paddle into the luggage compartment and he'd climbed in that I realised the staff were wearing the shirts of another camp...

I was uncertain if the bus departed at 11:00 or at 1:00 so we'd arrived for the earlier time, hoping to have time for a leisurely farewell brunch. The bus at the rendezvous point (the north-west corner of the Yorkdale Mall parking lot) at 11:00 was going to a hard-core canoing camp much further north.

So we had our chance to enjoy brunch together and buy a few last-minute extras after all. Note in the photo that there's yet another camp bus in the far background. Busy spot.

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